One of the most important elements in a house is your electrical system. Your family’s safety mostly depends on whether the electrical system works properly. Does this mean you always have to hire a professional and highly skilled electrician when problems arise?

There are a lot of things that you need to inspect prior to picking up the phone however, save the repair task for the professionals. The following are some of the things professional electricians want you to understand if you have a problem in your electrical system:

Sometimes, the solution to your problem may be so obvious so, you should do a little bit of troubleshooting first before you try contacting a professional electrician.

1. Inspect for Overlamping

If the issue seems limited to a single light fixture, begin with the bulbs. Did it burn out? It is so obvious that is simple for you to forget to check.

Another less obvious electrical problem is overlamping. It simply means that the bulb has a greater wattage more than the socket can handle. For example, if you only have a lamp made to handle 50 watts and then you and then you used a bulb with 100 watts.

Overlamping might melt its socket as well as damage the wirings of the system. That type of damage makes a significant risk to fire known as the arc faults. In addition to that, the electricity cannot follow its right path and might jump to the table or carpet and possibly, start a fire.

2. Examine the Circuit Breaker

Most homes have circuit breakers that are much easier to check. Just open the circuit breaker panel door and then turn the switch back on. On the other hand, older houses may have a fuse box therefore, you should check for a fuse which is discolored or cloudy. As a matter of fact, it might be melted in some portions.

You will see the fuse with the problem should be labeled for the portion you have lost energy as well. For instance, if the light goes out in your living room, search for the labeled fuse on the certain area of the house in order to see if it appears different compared to some other fuses. If everything is still working except the kitchen, look for the fuse for the kitchen.

If you seem to have the usual circuit or fuse problem over and over again, search for some patterns. Are you losing energy to one portion of your home very often? Do you have a microwave operating spontaneously with your vacuum? Do you have new appliances which may be overloading the circuit?

Are the Lights of Your Neighbors On?

If your entire home is dark, see outside to know if someone near your house has their lights on. If not, the obvious answer is the power outage. It is always worth making a call to a utility company prior to contacting a professional Durango electrician to know if they can give you some details.